With FASTPOST by CENIT, you can quickly and easily create and adapt post processors for CATIA and other APT-based programming systems.
NC sequences can be quickly and easily defined with FASTPOST and complex NC processes generically reflected with the integrated macro language.


  • Automated 2.5D processing at any desired levels in the room
  • 3- and 5-axis NURBS technology in collaboration with CATIA and Siemens 840D
  • Tool changes, origin management
  • Application surface with syntax highlighting
  • Structuring of the NC output syntax
  • Dynamic adjustment of kinematics and parameters depending on runtime (head change, turning/milling, …)
  • Support of various control and programming concepts in the multi-axis field
  • Machine-dependent or -independent output (vector, euler and RPY output) which can be switched during runtime
  • Output of pivot point or tool tip
  • Output of recalculated feed or output of feed as inverse time
  • Output of complex command sequences (incl. function blocks) directly in the interface with no need for additional macro programming
  • Context-sensitive and comprehensive online help
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